What is a Smart Meter?

Interact with the Smart Meter Communicates graphic below and review the smart meter benefits to learn more.

Learn how to interact with your smart meter

Smart meters offer Delmarva Power residential and small business customers a number of benefits. They include:

Take Control of Your Energy Use Data
  • Smart meters enable you to view your home or small business electricity use in easy-to-read graphs. Armed with a better understanding of your energy use, you can make informed decisions on how to manage and control your electricity consumption.

  • Smart meters will ensure that your energy bill is based on your actual, rather than estimated use.

  • Smart meters will reduce the need for Delmarva Power meter readers to come to your home. New features will enable remote meter reading.

  • For landlords, there will be the added convenience of getting an accurate reading for renters.
Opportunities to Save Money
  • While detailed data is not a guarantee of saving energy or money, smart meters give you the power to review and evaluate your energy use and take control of the things you can change.
Outage Detection
  • Smart meters allow for faster outage detection if an outage occurs.
Improved Customer Service
  • Information from your smart meter will enable Delmarva Power representatives to better answer your questions about your personal energy use, should you ever need to contact us for assistance.
Environmental Benefits
  • Remote reading reduces the number of Delmarva Power vehicles and trucks on the road, which in turn helps reduce carbon emissions.

  • Smart meters are the key to greater energy efficiency, reducing the need to build power plants, and reducing the use of older, less efficient power plants which typically have higher greenhouse gas and other air emissions.
 Bill to Date Functionality NEW!
  • Delmarva Power is now offering the new benefit of allowing you to view the details of each bill, to date.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter, like the old meters attached to your home, apartment or small business, measures the amount of energy you use for things such as lighting, cooking, heating and cooling. Those measurements are used to calculate your electric bill each month. But that is about the only thing the old meters and the new smart meters have in common. Your old meter was read once a month by a meter reader or perhaps estimated for your billing. Along with other benefits we explain below, the new smart meter actually measures the energy used in your home or small business periodically throughout the day and communicates that information to Delmarva Power. That captured data is available to you online by signing up for My Account.

Why is this data important to me?

What happens today when you receive a higher than expected energy bill? You might wonder what changed in your usual pattern. Was it during the first week of this month when the kids were home from college? Was it from the new big screen TV you just purchased? On the other hand, what if your bill suddenly goes down? Could the new energy-efficient washer or refrigerator you purchased have made the difference? The new smart meter will provide you with detailed information and comparison reports to help you identify when you are using more or less energy during the day, the week or the month. This information will also help you make changes that let you take control of your energy bills. When you need to talk to a representative from Delmarva Power, this information will help us provide you with better customer service.

What else will the smart meter do for me?

The new smart meters provide two-way communication between your home or small business and Delmarva Power and also from Delmarva Power to you.

Why am I getting a smart meter?

Delmarva Power will be installing smart meters for residential and small business customers across the State of Delaware to help meet energy efficiency goals. True to our heritage as the first state, Delaware is at the forefront with this innovative technology. By managing our energy more efficiently with smart meters, you and all other Delmarva Power residential and small business customers in Delaware will be empowered to take control of your energy use, which will help everyone at an individual and collective level, leading the way to smarter energy use and a better future for us and our children.

When will I get a smart meter?

Most residential and small business customers already have smart meters installed. The company expects to complete deployment by the end of 2011.

What do I have to do?

There is not much you need to do. You will receive a letter and a fact sheet in the mail approximately one to four weeks before the planned meter exchange. Please help make your meter easily accessible by clearing obstructions or trimming bushes that may interfere with the installation. When the time gets closer for your meter exchange, you will receive more information, and may be asked to turn off sensitive appliances such as computers, which could be subject to a temporary power interruption during the meter exchange.